The Best $100 Dash Cam? VIOFO A119

Viofo A119, The Best 0 Dash Cam? VIOFO A119

Viofo A119, The Best 0 Dash Cam? VIOFO A119


Dash Webcams are an excellent tool for those emergency situation case scenarios when driving.

There are a great deal of different choices as well as specs available to think about when searching for that excellent dashboard web cam, however right here are the 5 primary reason I choose the Viofo A119 dashcam for my cars and truck

First thing to think about is video quality and this composed of mix of recording resolution, the camera field of view, as well as just how the gadget executes during night time or low light The Viofo could videotape at a maximum 2560 × 1440 resolution which I find is a great bump up from the regular 1080 especially since the lenses on dashboard webcam are made to have a wide field of vision, 160 levels in this instance, the extra resolution really helps when trying to review information such as permit plates But video clip quality will certainly always be best when lighting is bright and also nothing is relocating So making certain the gadget additionally tape-records at a high sufficient bit rate to record details during lots of motion, the sensor is sensitive enough to capture details during night time, and the Viofo also has a wide vibrant range mode that assists illuminate dark shadow locations that can typically take place during sundown or dawn Next point I think of is the sizes and shape of the physical device, and also this is because as much as I like the concept of dashboard cameras I believe they are normally rather awful and also desire them to be as unseen as possible.

Viofo A119, The Best 0 Dash Cam? VIOFO A119

Viofo A119, The Best 0 Dash Cam? VIOFO A119

The Viofo is little and marginal with wedge form style and also could conveniently conceal behind my rear sight mirror so I don’t also truly see it while I’m driving I likewise prefer sticker affixed dashboard web cams over the suction mounts due to the fact that I discover them more trustworthy to staying on the home window as well as they are normally slimmer and sleeker looking compared to their suction mug counterparts But while I choose sticker label places over suction cups there are times when I want to eliminate the dashcam from my car to store it away for safe keeping And that’s when suction installs are usually liked but at the very least with the Viofo it is detachable from the base as well as if you select optional GPS install, the power cable is directly linked via the mount so you do not have to take care of cords when eliminating or reinserting the dashcam in your automobile Something to keep in mind though is that the install and also the primary device clamp with each other very snugly so if you plan on getting rid of the dashcam frequently it’s a little limited.

Next is the battery life Or in this instance absence of Cars takes a lot of temperature misuse They get incredibly warm during summer times, as well as cool during winter seasons So common batteries you would certainly have in your mobile electronic devices truly will not last in your car.

Viofo A119, The Best 0 Dash Cam? VIOFO A119

Viofo A119, The Best 0 Dash Cam? VIOFO A119

Instead I choose dash webcams that make use of capacitors Capacitors are generally more secure however are just intended to maintain your dashboard cam powered for a couple secs after your auto shuts off With the Viofo once your auto powers on the dashboard camera will immediately start videotaping when your cars and truck powers off the capacitor lets it securely power down to end the recording As well as ultimately that last point I consider is just general use Can I readjust the instructions of the lense to angle the video camera just right? Does it have a display so I can inspect my setups are dealing with the go? Does the device tell me if there’s something wrong like a missing out on memory card? And also does it include the needed wires as well as accessories to cable television manage the power cord? So certain there are a lot of various other points and also features you can search for in a in dashboard camera.

Like wifi, gps, and activity sensors but honestly they aren’t truly important to me Yet those are my ideas on why I chose the Viofo A119 dashcam for my cars and truck

From Manufacturer

The A119S Vehicle Dash Cam offers unbelievable video clip high quality at an unsurpassable cost. Updated from the prominent A119 Cars and truck Dashboard Cam, this new version provides much better video quality and also remarkable low-light recording, aiding you see much more when there’s less light when driving. You could utilize it to protect on your own from reckless chauffeurs, or as an extra pair of eyes when you’re taking a lengthy trip. Obtain complete comfort everywhere you own with the A119S Car Dashboard Web cam.

The A119S Vehicle Dashboard Camera documents complete 1080p HD video clip and also audio, capturing all the vital details including certificate plates and street indications. Compared to the A119 version, the A119S Cars and truck Dash Webcam features a better sensing unit that uses larger pixels. This adds more quality and info to your footage, aiding you hone in on particular details that you might or else miss out on.

The A119S Cars and truck Dashboard Web cam is a well-rounded far better choice when it comes to low-light video recording, compared with the A119 version. The A119S Auto Dashboard Webcam has a larger aperture that allows even more light, assisting you see clearly when daylight and also streetlights are scarce. Picture entering into a mishap in the middle of the night on a lonesome country road. You require a low-light dashboard camera like the A119S that could tape all of the evidence, regardless of how much light there gets on the road.

Updating to the A119S Automobile Dash Webcam additionally indicates that you can save twice the quantity of video on a solitary flash memory card. The A119S lets you store up to 128GB of HD video footage, while the A119 design just lets you accumulate to 64GB of HD video footage. If you want to record more video on the road without having to write over your existing files or by hand transfer your documents, the A119S Automobile Dash Cam is the best selection for you.

The A119S Automobile Dash Cam has all of the attributes you would certainly find on the previous model, including the loop recording function and also the integrated G-sensor. The loophole recording feature instantly edits your old footage, offering you the flexibility to tape continually without needing to move your files. If you get involved in an accident, the G-sensor will certainly lock your video footage in position, so you will not unintentionally erase it. From constant recording on long journey to crash security, the A119S Vehicle Dash Webcam does it all.

Overall, changing from the A119 to the A119S Cars and truck Dash Camera will only cost you a couple of dollars added. For a small difference in rate, you’re getting better video top quality and you’ll be able to see even more plainly at night. If you’re a skilled dashboard cam customer, you’ll notice the difference as soon as possible. Make best use of the top quality of your control panel footage with the A119S Car Dash Web cam.

Main Highlights

  • VIOFO A119S V2 DashCam (Latest Summer 2017 updated V2 GPS Mount, + EVA Foam) Sony IMX291 60fps Sensor Novatek 96660, Optional A11CPL (CPL) not included
  • Novatek 96660, Sony IMX291, Super Capcitor, Excellent Night Peformance, May 2017 Edition
  • 1920*1080 60fps; 1920*1080 30fps; [email protected] MOV
  • G-sensor, Motion Detection, Loop Mode, Auto Start/Stop, Vehicle Identity Text, Microphone & Speaker Built-in
  • VIOFO – As Seen on DashCamTalk ! (microSD memory card not included) Authentic Black 3M VHB
  • Perfect as a Forward Facing Dash Camera
  • 1080P HD Video & Audio Recording
  • G-Sensor Built-In
  • Records up to 128GB of HD footage
  • Excellent Low Light Recording Capabilities
  • Extremely Covert Design
  • 135-Degree Wide Angle Lens
  • Includes Adhesive Mount
  • Records in Loop Recording
  • Capacitor Model for Improved Operating Temperature


  • Chipset: Novatek 96660
  • Sensor: Sony Exmor IMX291
  • Lens: 7G F1.6, 135° FOV
  • Display: 2“ inch
  • Video Resolution: 1920*1080 60fps; 1920*1080 30fps;
  • Video Format: .MP4
  • Microphone & Speaker: Built-in
  • Sensors: G-sensor, Motion Detection
  • GPS Logger: Support(Optional)
  • Wi-Fi: No
  • Dash Cam Features: Loop Mode, Auto Start/Stop, Vehicle Identity Text
  • Video Out: AV Out
  • Languages: English/French/Portuguese/Italian/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Russian/Japanese/Deutsch/espanol
  • Ports: Mini USB, AV-Out, MicroSD Card Slot
  • Storage: Up to 128GB MicroSD Card
  • Battery & Charging: NO battery, use capacitor, 5V 1A.
  • Item Weight: 14.9 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 5.7 x 4.1 x 3.5 inches

Viofo A119, The Best 0 Dash Cam? VIOFO A119

Viofo A119, The Best 0 Dash Cam? VIOFO A119


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