Z-EDGE Z2 Plus Dual Lens Dash Cam with Backup Camera Review

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1080P Front Cam (150 deg) & 720P (120 deg )Rear Cam
Attribute H. 264 photography compression innovation. Synchronised recording in Full HD 1080P front and HD 720P back at 60 structures each 2nd offer dazzling and smooth video clip. Feature 150 deg Front Cam & 120 deg Rear Cam which could capture more information when driving.

High-end Anti-glare IPS Mirror
Grey IPS mirror does excellent in anti-glaring while the common mirror with big representation under sunlight or cars and truck fronts lights behind. IPS display panel’s excellent viewing angle makes information clearly while reversing.

Review Of Z-EDGE Z2 Plus Dual Lens Dash Cam With Backup Camera

Main Highlights

  • EVER MISS A PERMIT PLATE: Synchronised recording completely HD 1080P front and HD 720P rear at 30 structures per second – document in Super HD 1296P front without any rear camera connected – vast 150-degree field of view (FOV) for front cam as well as Wide 120-degree field of vision( FOV) for rearview video camera – reduced light settlement feature makes certain superb video high quality even for owning in the night – documents instantly as soon as you start your lorry
  • CLUTTER-FREE WINDSHIELD: Front cam sets up over your automobiles existing rear-view mirror, minimizing visual obstruction – scrape resistant substitute mirror with Luxury anti-glare, Big 5″ IPS screen.High quality IPS display is much clear than others typical TN display – picture-in-picture (PiP) display – capture images in 14 megapixels with flexible direct exposure metering and also ISO sensitivity – extra long 150-inch USB cable for very easy directing inside your car’s interior
  • AUTO BACK-UP ELECTRONIC CAMERA: Water-proof rear-view cam with added lengthy 26 feet wire consisted of – includes install and also dealings with for back windscreen and also license plate installment – automated backup electronic camera showcasing energetic display screen guidelines for reverse car park – easy step by step setup overview
  • AUTOMATED SAFEGUARDS: Records immediately on lorry ignition – turn off immediately with ignition off – power saving LCD screen off timer – loop recording feature for reliable storage space administration – guidebook and automatic video clip defense from deletion – one-button audio recording on/off – integrated G-sensor/ accelerometer causes motion/crash vibration detection recording – vehicle parking mode watchdog for 24/7 monitoring of your car
  • PURCHASE FROM United States: NOW 16GB Kingston SD sd card inside every pack – USB as well as battery power for trusted performance in hot as well as freezing conditions – set and also fail to remember installation – double port USB car adapter consisted of – 1 Month cash back assurance – 18-month service warranty – life time support

Review Of Z-EDGE Z2 Plus Dual Lens Dash Cam With Backup Camera

Automobile Displaying Parking Image
To help you park securely, Z-Edge Z2Plus will automatically show the vehicle parking photo completely view on large 5 inch screen.

Benefit and Safety First
Auto beginning record/turning off after car ignition transforms on/off. Loophole Recording feature overwrites the earliest with most recent video clip data. Emergency Lock Button & Accident Auto Detection Feature (G-Sensor) lock present whole video clip to different documents from overwritten.

Premium Kingston 16GB SD card included

– Display size: 5″
– Front Cam: 2304×1296 (Front cam just); 1920×1080
– Rear Cam: 1080 x 720
– Front webcam angle: 150 deg
– Rear cam angle: 120 deg
– External Storage support: Up to 64GB
– G-Sensor: Built-in
– Microphone/Loudspeaker: Built-in
– Still Picture Resolution: 14M
– Computer System Requirement: COMPUTER: Windows XP as well as above MAC: OS X and over

Review Of Z-EDGE Z2 Plus Dual Lens Dash Cam With Backup Camera

1 * Z-Edge Z2Plus Dual Lens Car Camera (Rear View Mirror).
1 * Waterproof Backup Camera with Connecting Cable.
1 * 16GB TF Card.
1 * Mirror Wipe Cloth.
4 * Cable Clips.
4 * Alternative straps.
2 * USB Cable (Micro USB for linking computer system and Mini ).
1 * Dual USB Port Car Charger.
1 * User Manual.
1 * Thank you card.

Customer Reviews

I wish I could give ZERO STARS!!!! UPDATED on 15 Dec 2016 to 5 stars and with comments added.

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 on December 12, 2016
By Gerald S.
Beware! The rear camera on the unit I received displays and records backwards. If you are standing behind the camera, things that you see to the right, will be displayed/recorded on the left – license plates and words are backwards. The seller refuses to send me a new rear camera – they suggest I use a mirror to view the recordings reflections so that I can read license plates correctly. There is supposed to be a blue wire that will allow the rear camera to display/record correctly, but the seller says he cut it off because some buyers thought it should be that way. I offered to pay for a replacement rear cable and camera with the blue wire intact, but the seller says they cut ALL the blue wires in advance. They cut the wire so that only about a 1/16th of an inch remains on either end (shown in attached photo) so I am unable to solder in a new wire to fix the problem. I was planning on buying a second one for my other vehicle but it won’t be from this seller. UPDATE – 15 Dec 2016: Since I wrote the above review, the seller offered a partial refund for the inconvenience or a full refund with product return.

Z-Edge Z2 Plus Review

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 on November 22, 2016
By Abhishek A.
1)Build/ Screen clarity and resolution:- This camera build is very solid doesn’t feel like cheap. 5” screen is very nice and bright. Button are very easy to access and they illuminate once you press them it’s very nice to access in night. Rear camera wire is very long and will be good enough for minivan or mini truck. Installation is easy. 2)Front camera :- It took my breath away .It’s very wide angle and the detailed it captures is very nice. White balance and night vision for front camera is very very nice. May be best in this segment .( in this price).It’s also give you zoon in and zoon out while taking picture. 3)Rear camera:- It’s good but not wide angle. It’s good for DVR function where you don’t want to see the object just near to side bumper of your car while reversing the car. If you want to use this rear view camera while reversing and if you have any object near to side bumper of your car you can’t see in mirror. It does show parking guide line. And night vision for rear camera is zero. Once rear view camera is placed upside down on license plate the image will be flipped. There is a cable(thin blue one) that can be cut which will actually flip the image when the camera is mounted upside down.

Lives up to my expectations

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 on November 27, 2016
By Kenny
I am glad that I bought this dash-cam and very thankful for Z-Edge Superb customer service. 1. Front Camera: super clear and lives up to its super HD description. I was very impress by the quality of the camera. I was able to read out license plates both at night and in the daytime. The front camera has a 2k resolution at 30fps, 1080p at 30fps, and 720p at 60 fps. 2. Rear Camera: rear camera is good in the daytime, but can be improved for night time use and can be a bit wider angled, however it is still a good deal enough for this price. Very useful for backing up in tight parallel parking spaces. 3. DVR/mirror unit: The LCD display on the dvr mirror is very clear and bright. In addition the buttons also lights up for a short second after clicking on it to allow for visibility at night. There’s also a lock button so your video files doesn’t overwrite. 4. Performance: Very fast, the unit turns on as soon as you start your car. Very useful 5. Improvements: 64gb is good, which can store approximately 6 hrs of 1080p video but I like to see the storage expanded to 128gb.

Highly recommended, great value/price ratio!

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 on August 11, 2017
By Justin Nelson
This dual-camera DVR system is great. It came well packaged, with easy-to-follow instructions. I purchased this Z-Edge system to replace an inexpensive $30 similar system and the difference is quite profound – you definitely get what you pay for! With the Z-Edge, the rear camera is actually a USB camera (as opposed to the Analog video on the previous unit from a different company). The Analog would experience video drop-outs from the rear cam, and often it wouldn’t be recognized when starting the car/powering up the unit. Not the case with this one – the Rear camera powers up and within about 4 seconds of starting the car, it is recording HD video from both cameras. The screen is large and very bright – easy to see even in daylight conditions, with a much wider viewing angle than the inexpensive one. It allows for continued recording *after* shutting off the car for up to 5 minutes (front cam only though). It has many other features, and a much more intuitive on-screen menu. The only complaint I might have, is that the LCD screen is dead center of the mirror. This makes it difficult to actually use the physical mirror while the LCD is lit up, as you have to sort-of “look past” the LCD.

Good Dash Cam and Backup Camera for drivers to have

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 on August 27, 2017
By Amazon Customer
I have own this product for 2 months and a half. It has been incredibly helpful to have a backup camera for when I’m on reverse backing out and a dash-cam (mirror) for when I’m driving. For 2 months, I used these two features to review my driving habits and see where I needed to work on. I also have recorded a few close calls by haphazardness drivers. There are a lot of positives about this product, however 1 month after began using it, the product (mirror) began to act up. Sometimes when I look at the mirror, I see a black screen from the front camera. I have no problem seeing from the back camera. This black screen problem has appeared often enough that I have decided to give this product a rating of 3 instead of a 5. Overall, it is a good product, great image and sound quality, and has much potential. Notes to first-time user: 1) It is a good idea to have the “motion detection” feature set off before removing it from the mirror. By doing so, it will be easier to stop it from continuously recording when you are trying to access the videos/ photos gallery. 2) you do not need to mess around with the car’s wires in order to install this product.
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