Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Aviation In-cockpit Bundle Review

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Garmin is pleased to reveal an aviation-specific enhancement to the VIRB action electronic camera family -the VIRB Ultra 30 Aviation In-cockpit Bundle.

Supplying several brand-new accessories tailored to recording rich, high-definition video footage in-flight, the VIRB Ultra 30 Aviation In-cockpit Bundle consists of a VIRB Ultra 30 waterproof activity video camera with the power to fire magnificent ultra HD video at 4K/30fps. VIRB Ultra 30 contains a suite of brand-new features, consisting of voice control, an user-friendly LCD shade touchscreen and also one-touch live streaming.

Built-in 3-axis stabilization and also improved connection with a variety of Garmin products combine to give pilots with a top activity video camera tailored to recording premium in-flight footage.


Main Highlights

  • Ultra HD 4K/30fps video with 1.75-inch touchscreen display that allows you see exactly what is being videotaped
  • 3-axis image stablizing catches smooth and also constant video clip in unsteady trip conditions
  • Includes headset sound cable overlay of the cabin conversation/ATC audio on the video and also a prop filter to eliminate propeller from the video clip
  • Catch your placement, perspective, speed and also far more and overlay them onto your video clip; then conveniently develop and share your video clip utilizing a smart tool and VIRB app
  • Wirelessly document HD audio in trip from Bluetooth-compatible headsets and audio panels

Customer Reviews

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

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 on September 16, 2016
By Marc D Tanguay
Hands-down the best action camera available today. Long time GoPro user, was using a Hero4 Black and have also owned both prior Garmin VIRB models. This camera has all of the bells-and-whistles, like 4K/30, GPS, advanced photo/video settings and stabilization modes. Recording or photo taking can be initiated through physical buttons (like your traditional camera), on the LCD display or through the mobile app or remotes found on other Garmin products like Edge or Vivosmart. The touch-screen works really well, even through the hard case, which is really convenient. This is a very powerful and capable camera. Video and photo quality is on par with the Hero4 Black. But what really sets this camera apart is its ease of use. Simple and intuitive, even for the advanced settings. Simplicity is what I want in an action camera, so that I don’t miss a shot and I can just focus on the activity. The Garmin VIRB Edit and Mobile apps have come a long way, and are now very good control and editing tools. From my personal experience with both Garmin and GoPro customer service, Garmin wins by wide margin. Garmin support is so much more knowledgeable and customer friendly than GoPro.

Great camera to log OBD-2 data

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 on January 22, 2017
By smith
I really like this camera overall. Originally I bought a Hero 5 Session from a box store as we were going on vacation (cruise) and I wanted a camera to take some video and to use while snorkeling and time lapse videos. While it worked well but the more I thought about it I was concerned about long term use as it doesn’t have a replaceable battery. I took it back and debated between the Hero 5 Black and Virb Ultra 30. I ended up getting the Virb because they support 3rd party products. I ride motorcycles and have a Sena 20S Bluetooth headset which will pair to this and not the GoPros. Also support for OBD-2 dongles. The first thing I tested was OBD-2 in my car. While this camera does have GPS and can calculate speed based on this, it is nice to be able to compare the two. I couldn’t find any information on what OBD-2 adapters were compatible with this camera though. Garmin’s website and manual really didn’t say anything. I happened to own one already that I use with Torque Pro so I thought I would just test it out and it paired right up and logged data.

Great Camera – OBDII Compatibility is Sketchy

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 on May 9, 2017
By Frank C
I purchased the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 to use with my car when I go to the track. I find the camera quality great at many levels. The video is crisp. The camera is simple to use. The VIRB app for the iPhone allows you to remote control the camera and modify all the settings. Additionally the desktop VIRB edit app is great, and has many guage selections and formats. I really like the data collection aspect of the camera. A major down side is battery life. i found the battery life was very short when using bluetooth and wireless, while recording. you might get 20-40 minutes of recording. I purchased the OBDLink MX to connect the camera to my car to overlay performance data on my videos. The camera identifies and connects with the OBDLink MX but doesn’t record any of the data. The data indicator is on while recording however no data is recorded by the camera. I tested the OBDLink MX with another third party app and had no issue. I tested on another car and had no issue. I tested other OBD2 diagnostic tools on my car and had no issue. My conclusion is the camera is having issue with the data stream. I reached out to Garmin for support, however the only thing they offered was to replace the camera with a refurb.

Great for true action sports metrics. Great customer support.

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 on May 24, 2017
By Killian Flanagan
I was lucky enough to have the money to purchase both the GoPro 5 and the Virb Ultra 30. All I can say is wow to both of these camera. I ended up choosing the Garmin and returning the GoPro for one reason, the metric data. If you do action sports and want a camera that accurately captures the data (speed, hangtime, altitude, path of travel) this camera does it. The GoPro also has a GPS but does not use it to get the cool metrics that the Virb does. In terms of picture quality, they are practically the same camera. The Garmin has the edge for action sports fans. The GoPro is more user-friendly with its voice controls and menus, but not by much. GG Garmin. UPDATE: I never had a problem with Garmin products before, but man the customer service is awesome. My waterproof case lost its gasket somehow so i noticed water leaking in. Luckily my camera didn’t break, but I emailed support and they sent me a whole new dive case. Great support, great product.

Don’t forget it’s only the 2nd model they’ve made.

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 on April 23, 2017
By ryan
I use a pair of these a lot for many things from snow skiing to under water trolling camera. The low light or really bright light video capability is impressive for what it is. Noticably better than the hero 5. It is a great piece of hardware but like others say the battery life isn’t what you would expect. With GPS and Wi-Fi on I get maybe 40 minutes of video and that’s at lower reso and frame rates. 4k with all that on would be 20 minutes ish. However this camera can simply be plugged into a power source and continue to work perfect unlike a hero5. I also use it to monitor an engine room on a sport fishing boat and it works great coming back through all my Garmin chartplotters and this is where it’s very important I can supply it with a permanent power source and not have to mess with removing and keeping up with batteries.


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 on December 2, 2017
By J in OC
I thought this would be a great product having purchased and used other Garmin offerings. I use it on my motorcycle having attached it to the windscreen. The picture quality is very good to excellent but the built-in microphone is scratchy sounding. The most disappointing feature though is the GPS data that the unit overlays on the video. The elevation sensor is off by about 12% by my estimation and the speed sensor’s performance is abysmal. At best, the speed data is (almost) correct, but lags the video by a good 5 or 6 seconds, at worst its readings are totally worthless – like, I don’t even know where they came from worthless. It will display 43-50 mph on the video while I’m clearly going at highway speed, even varying my speed widely. I’ve captured video of active signs telling me how fast I’m going while the data from the unit is off (slower) by 20 mph. I had a problem for a while with the speed and elevation sensor not registering any data at all and had a terrible time with Craig from Product Support, with him telling me that I should update to the latest Virb Edit software, then stating that I go back to a early version that I never had.

My Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

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 on June 22, 2017
By Victor Popiol
The good: – Image quality is excellent – Image stability is great – User interfaces for the touch screen and the mobile app are superb – The Virb Edit application, to download and produce videos is very good – The propeller filter is excellent – Voice control works greate The camera works great except the following complaints: – Battery life is very short. Up to 1 hr at 1080p 60fps. – Altimeter is very flaky. If I turn it on mid flight, it may show a negative altitude – Remote on/off via WiFi is hit or miss. I’ve missed many opportunities because I’m unable to connect after I’ve sent the camera to sleep – If connecting cockpit audio, camera can’t be connected to external power

Second Defective Device

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 on November 24, 2018
By Theresa K. Quinlan
I’m disappointed to have to write this review, but many of these devices have defective smart switch/levers (that turn the camera on/off with one flick). My first one worked for a month before the switch failed. After getting a replacement under warranty, the second one also failed (after a month or so of rare use). At the time of purchase, the specs of this camera were better than GoPro. The photos and footage from the camera are great, but I missed many videos believing my camera to be on (due to the malfunctioning switch). Was really interested in the potential for weatherproof charging as with the previous model (Virb XE) and many theorized it was in the works (still as yet unused pins/contacts on the camera). But, I guess development stopped (likely due to these defects). The mounting system is top notch though.
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